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Picture: Ensure delivery of a Wishing, Hoping, Dreaming and healthy infant.
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Before this topic the writer had described: Making pregnancy saver, including the treatment and prevention of abortion, those related to help the couples to ensure mother’s health and delivery of a healthy infant which are the indirect prevent of abortion.

If the Couples who wish children get pregnant after succeed treatment of infertility, preference male or female birth; the physician and the midwife must do special care for the pregnant women. Because the infant in the womb of the couples are the Wishing, Hoping and Dreaming children, they are more value than the infant of pregnant women as usual.

What is the problem?
All the pregnant women will get prenatal care as usual.
The question: Are special care for the Wishing, Hoping and Dreaming infant in the womb of the couples? Yes. There are special care!
The detail of the answer of this question or this problem will describe in the following writing :

Problem solving.

Prenatal care: What are the goals of prenatal care?
1. Ensure mother’s health.
2. Ensure delivery of a healthy infant.
3. Anticipate problems.
4. Diagnose problems early.
. Philadelphia, 2008, p 43.
A thorough medical history and physical examination early in pregnancy provide the ground work for the diagnosis and treatment of disorders which may compromise the pregnancy. Knowing the patient’s general health problems permits the obstetrician to interpret the developing symptomatic sign correctly and treat complications promptly.
Good antenatal and prenatal care are preventive medicine of a high order
In obstetric practice the history and physical findings are usually recorded on an outline form of the checklist type. However, in this writing only a few items will describe.

What are the recommended daily allowances in pregnancy?
Increase daily caloric intake by approximately 300 Calories per day; for example: if the woman weight 60 kg the calories intake is about 1800 Calories, with additional 300 Calories, the daily allowance becomes 2100 Calories.
Protein: Recommended daily allowances added for pregnancy is 10 gm, f.e if the weight 60 kg, the daily need is about 60 gm, and the daily allowance becomes 70 gm.
Vitamins: Deficiency diseases frequently occur in patients with true pernicious anemia or in women who are pregnant; thus a group of diseases may be operating simultaneously in the patient such as pregnancy or lactation. One of the basic formulas in treating mixed deficiency employed is :

Vitamin .............daily
Folic acid................ 5 mg
Thiamin................ 10 mg
Niacin-amide...... 150 mg
Riboflavin............. 10 mg
Ascorbic acid...... 150 mg
Vitamin B12......... 10 micrograM
These vitamins can be put in capsule and intake once or twice daily.
Source: Cecil and Loeb. A Textbook of Medicine. Philadelphia, 1959, p 566.

Another needs are vitamin A 20 000 IU daily and E 50 mg daily.
The chief functions of vitamin A are the growth and maintenance of epithelial and epidermal tissues, in process of ovulation for normal fertility and in function of vision. Vitamin E is important role in implantation of fertilize ovum. Administration of vitamin E [alpha tocopherol] during the first half of gestation permits normal embryo development and parturition. The improvement in function of red blood cells by alpha tocopherol serves as the basis for bioassay for vitamin E activity. A sparing effect of vitamin E upon hormone action particularly insulin and sex hormones. This is considered a result of vitamin E existing an antioxidant or sparing action upon the hormone metabolism.
Source: Philip B. Hawk et al. Practical Physiological Chemistry, New York, 1954, 13th Edition, p 1268-69.

To administer the basic formula, vitamin A and E as described above doses are parts of special care for Wishing, Hoping and Dreaming infant in the womb of the couples. The writer helps and treats the all his patient pregnant women with these method or administration and it seems is good results until today. The writer suggests or asks the college physician or midwife to apply these treatment as an input to help and treat the pregnant women.

Vitamin D allowances 400 IU. daily.
Calcium allowances 1.5 gm daily
Phosphorus allowances 1.5 gm daily
Iron allowances 20 mg daily
Magnesium allowances 450 mg daily
Iodine allowances 125 microgram daily.

The daily allowances are described above as a key to ensure the health of mothers and infants in their wombs.

Visits and examinations:

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