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The name or header of the writer publication is pophealth-fp.blogspot.com. Pophealth-fp is the abbreviation of Popular Health Family Planning. This header emphasize the content of publication are topics of health including reproduction health and family planning.
The first title is COUPLES WHO WISH CHILDREN; generally all couples wish children as a human being can have children naturally.
The situation about 14 % of couples world-wide are childless or infertile and some of them have preference male or female. So that the priority and purpose of description on this writing is how to help the readers, their families and friends by giving information on infertile couples or childless couples; causes, examinations, diagnose and treatments; preference male and preference female births, as parts of the goals and slogan of health and family planning programs.
Health, as it is defined in the constitution of the World Health Organization, is
“ A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”
The goal of family planning is to achieve the prosperous happy and small family norms. It is translated to slogans: TWO CHILDREN ARE ENOUGH AND TWO CHILDREN ARE BETTER.
The effects of family planning are to control and lowering the fertility rate and population growth rate to stable population as the base for better life, economic and social developments.
What are the problems? The problem are stalling fertility !
What is stalling fertility?
In Bangladesh, despite increasing contraceptive use, over the past 10 years the total fertility rate [TFR for ages 15-49, the fertility expressed per woman over her lifetime] in that country remained relatively unchanged or stalling fertility, at about 3.3 births per woman. The cause of stalling fertility may be due to the preference for sons among the couples in Bangladesh.
In Indonesia the TFR in 1997 was 2.78, in 2202-03 was 2.60 and in 2007 was 2.60; it seems like stalling fertility , that in the last 5 years the TFR was stable at 2.6.
The cause of stalling fertility in Indonesia may be because of local sub-cultural patriarchal [preference for sons], and matriarchal [preference daughters or girls].
How to solve the problem of preference son [male ] or preference girl [female] and childless or infertile couples?
The main key to solve the problem of preference male and female child and childless couples, please read on the file titles:
Advice to have preference male and female births ,
Advice for couples children births,
Treatment of infertility in the male,
Treatment of infertility in the female.

If medication treatment do not responded, the next step to consult to the Gynecologist for assisted reproductive technologies [ART]. The ART consists of: in vitro fertilization [IVF] and intracytoplasmic sperm injection [ICSI].
The impact of stalling fertility in Indonesia is the population growth still 1.3 % per year or about 3 million increased population per year, it is about the same population of Singapore State.
Stable population can be achieved if the TFR is about 2-2.1 which effects of net reproduction rate is about one [NRR=1, means the replacement level, where woman has only one daughter over her life time]
The plan of action to achieve the goal and the effects of FP are the main activities of information, education and communications [IEC] , IEC on preference male and female births, reproductive health and family planning services such as administration or services of contraceptive pills, implants, condom, intrauterine device [IUD], tubectomy [surgery ligature of uterine tube for female], vasectomy [surgery ligature of vas deference for male].
If the treatment and advices success for the couples, and they get pregnant, the next description is to help the couples: Making pregnancy safer. The description of how to make pregnancy safer , intervention for reducing maternal and neonatal deaths, read the files :
Prevention of abortion; Abortion treatment;
Preterm or premature labor; postpartum hemorrhage and eclampsia; intervention for maternal and neonatal deaths.

Prenatal care for pregnant women to ensure mothers health, and to ensure delivery of a healthy baby, to identify danger sign of pregnancy , treatment and prevention of reproductive tract infection particularly:
Curable sexual transmitted infection [STIs] such as Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Trichomoniasis and Lymphogranuloma venereum [caused by Chlamydia trachomatis] sexual transmitted infections or diseases.
For treatment of pregnant women the physician should be careful to administer or give of drug particularly in the file title:
Drug adverse effects on the fetus; in this writing there is:
List of Drugs Adverse effects on the fetus. [Teratogenic and fetotoxic drugs].
The other activities of prenatal cares are schedule; Visits and examination of pregnancy, and to estimate Expected date of delivery; administration of vitamins and mineral to support pregnancy.
A few experiences of the writers to prevent abortion and hemorrhage by medication and administer supporting vitamins and minerals for women:
[1] Routine administration of vitamins and minerals: vitamin B-Complex, vitamin AD, Calcium lactate and iron sulfate usually per oral intake daily during pregnancy for growth of fetus and prevent anemia.
[2] Additional vitamins which support better fertility and pregnancy with vitamin A, C, and E. The purpose of these vitamins are: Vitamin A for better process of ovulation before pregnancy, combine with sodium bicarbonate[bake powder] twice one gram daily and base forming food diet [vegetables and fruits].These combinations will induce the secretion of cervix,uterus and uterine tube to become base or alkaline, which are favorable media for sperma, then facilitate better fertilization.Vitamin E during the first half of gestation permits normal implantation of fertilize ovum and embryo development, and parturition; vitamin C is concern with the growths of fetus and placenta as such as: formation of intercellular substances, including the collagen tissue, matrices of bone, cartilage and dentin, and all non epithelial cement substance, including vascular endothelium of fetus and placenta.Wound repair,because vitamin C is essensial for regular formation of the reticular structure of the intercellar matrix of connective tissue,it necessary plays an important role in laying-down of new connective tissue which is essential to healing.
These vitamins combine with antispasmodic Buscophan [brand name, generic hyoscine-N-butylbromide] and papaverine , if administered at the early sign of abortion [such as pain on lower abdomen, back pain, little bleeding from vagina] can prevent abortion. It seems good result as prophylaxis and prevent abortion in the experiences of the writer.
[3] Neurotropic and neuromyalgic such as Neurobion tablet which is consists of vitamin B1 100 mg, vitamin B6 200 mg and vitamin B12 200 microgram; these vitamins can treat the nausea , vomiting, fatigue and low back pain in first trimester of pregnancy; and in third trimester can strengthen the Oxytocin to stimulate contraction of uterus in the period of delivery and post delivery, which can prevent hemorrhage in the third phase of delivery, eventually reduced the mortality of the women.
[4] Administration of vitamin K 5 mg per oral daily and vitamin C 500-1000 mg daily in the last month [36-40 weeks ] of pregnancy can support preventing hemorrhage by better clotting of blood during delivery and post delivery. See the file: Labor and delivery.
These experiences might be an input needed for further study in extended clinical trial by Obstetricion and Gynecologist or by hospital, health center and research center.

Hope the extended clinical trial result feedback to: sahalataylor@gmail.com


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