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The first experience in 1982, when the writer had hemorrhoid or pile in stage 1, two small masses [diameter was about 5 mm ] protruded in the anus after defecation, with mild pain and itching while in perspiration, but no bleeding, and push back spontaneously. The piles may increase if the writer eat the food with hot chili and peppers.
The treatment according to the references available were general and local measures combine with antibiotic tetracycline and sulfadiazine or chloramphenicol and other sulfadiazine derivatives. Treatment for 6 months had no improvement or healed.
Then the writer studied more the references about the cause and treatment of piles, and had a temporary conclusion that the basic caused of piles was multiple infections and inflammations in rectum and anus had the long run effects on the veins circulations as describe in paragraph about the cause of piles. The treatment should be broad-spectrum antibiotics and anti microbial, anti protozoa [ameba,trichomoniasis, giardiasis] and anti anaerobic bacteria [clostridia, pepto-coccus, bacteroides fragilis]. The drugs available for these criterias of treatment were Terramycin [brand name, generic: oxytetracycline] and Fasigyn [brand name, generic: tinidazole].
The doses were: Terramycin 250 mg/capsule thrice 500 mg daily for 5 days and Fasigyn 500 mg/tablet once 2 gram daily for 3 days, combined with vitamin B-Complex, C and A. What was the result? Amazing ! The pile was healed in one week until today.

Since 1982 the writer treats the pile of patients with Terramycin and Fasigyn;
Adult dose: If body weight less than 60 kg, Fasigyn 500 mg/tablet once 3 tablet per oral daily for 4 days and Terramycin twice 2 capsule daily for 5 days. If the body weight more than 60 kg, Fasigyn 500 mg/tablet once 4 tablet per oral daily for 3 days, and Terramycin 250 mg/capsule thrice 2 capsule daily for 5 days, combined with vitamin B-Complex, C and A. If Fasigyn is not available, we can change with metronidazole 500 mg/tablet , the dose is the same with Fasigyn.
The side effects of Fasigyn and tinidazole are feeling of mild dry and mild bitter taste in mouth during treatment [3-5 days].
Fasigyn and tinidazol or metronidazole are contraindicated in first trimester pregnant women [the research in animal found fetotoxic effect in first trimester but not in women] , safe is safe it can be given or treat in the third trimester of pregnant women for piles or after delivery. Terramycin is contraindicated for pregnant women because of fetotoxic effects, it can be replaced with spiramycin 500 mg/tablet thrice daily for 5 days.
The vitamin B-Complex effects to prevent side effects of antibiotics
and antimicrobial; vitamin A 20 000 IU daily to strengthen the epithelium of the
mucous membrane,
and vitamin C 500-1000 mg daily strengthen the collagen structure of connective
tissue it necessary plays an important role in the laying-down of the new
connective tissue which is essential to healing of mucous
membrane and better vascular of blood vessel .
Treatment of multiple infections and inflammations combine with vitamin A and C may have effects to heal and to paste the lax mucous membrane in piles to sub-mucous and smooth muscle of anus and rectum .
If the piles with bleeding the additional treatment vitamin K 5 mg once per oral daily and Adona [brand name, generic: carbazochrom sodium sulfonate] 10 mg/tablet per oral 3 times daily. For itching give anti histamine such as Phenergan 10 mg twice daily.
The children dose : Terramycin for children is 20-25 mg/kg body weight in two divided doses, and the dose of Fasigyn for children is 50-60 mg/kg body weight as single dose.

The diet treatment: Mild food or steam food during treatment. Avoid hard food and hot chili and pepper foods in the period of treatment and one month after treatment. After one month period to prevent recurrent piles, advice to the patients can eat mild hot chili and pepper foods and better no hot chili and pepper food.
Additional diet fruit treatment particularly with papaya and pineapple which contain proteinase enzyme such as papain .The action of papain is proteolytic enzyme activated by present of H2S [hydro sulfide] keratin-ase enzyme which catalyze hydrolytic reactions of keratin proteins to end products polypeptide and amino acids. [Source: Philip B. Hawk et al. 1954, p 157, 306, 317].
The portion of these fruits during treatment: papaya one cup 3-4 times daily, the pineapple the same 1 cup 3-4 times daily for 5 days; and then a half cup twice daily of papaya and pineapple respectively for preventive, other fruits are optional.
The mechanism action of these fruit are not clear, may be the proteolytic and hydrolysis reactions of proteins by papain in the phlebitis of veins, may open the occlusion and better flow of blood in the veins plexus of hemorrhoids.

Since 1982 the writer had a few patients stage 1, 2 and 3 [no case stage 4] every year , all were healed or relieved; those only 2 recurrent patients due to eat the very hot chili and peppers food. And after treated with Fasigyn,Terramycin and diet, both patients relieved. The recurrent piles may be because of large hot chili and peppers eaten by the patients caused inflammations of mucous membrane in rectum and anus, which induced piles.

The experiences medical and diet treatment of hemorrhoids or piles, non-surgical treatments. It seems prime restitution, because all relieved since 1982 and only 2 recurrent patients, and relieved after treatment with the same method.

These experiences need a further extended clinical trial and research in the hospital, health center or research center. The result of research and extended clinical trial might be the input for public health prevention and treatment of piles.
The writer’s friend physicians and health office services, the readers, families and friends, please try to apply this non-surgical, medicated treatment and diet of piles, it seems prime restitution and low cost treatment.

Hope and believe the patients relieved,
and let us sing: AMAZING GRACE !!!


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